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About Bali Affiliates

We recognise that we can only grow by helping you to succeed.That’s why Bali Affiliates has tailored its program specifically to help you make more money from the players you send our way.Our team of marketing professionals has devised a program that will ensure the highest conversion rate and best lifetime values for the traffic you generate for our exciting casino brands.We want to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with each of you, so we’ve created one of the most competitive online affiliate structures in the industry.It’s a generous incentive program that we believe rewards your hard work, because that’s what you deserve.

Benefits of becoming a Bali partner

Here are just some of the reasons why you should enroll in our rewarding affiliates program:

Introducing our exciting casino brands

We’re delighted to introduce our three new cool casino brands, each packed with features to excite the players you send our way.All CashBack Casino and Golden Axe Casino have all the thrills and entertainment that customers demand from a modern online casino experience. Lionel Bet Casino also offers sports betting, a brilliant new addition to our stable.

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It’s called AllCashBack Casino for a reason!

We’re proud to launch the first brand in the industry to distribute bonuses that specifically suit the needs of customers. There’s CashBack for every deposit paid on a daily, weekly, mid-monthly or monthly basis.

We offer a VIP experience from day one and our welcome offer bonds players to us because it has CashBack for not just one, but three deposits:

  • Deposit 1, 50% CashBack on house earnings

  • Deposit 2, 30% CashBack

  • Deposit 3, 20% CashBack

It’s an enticing welcome package that will keep players coming back for more fun on our exciting range of slots and table games.

A traditional ancient world casino theme

Golden Axe might look like a traditional ancient world casino theme,but it comes to life with the vibrancy and vigour of a Spartan warrior.

Players will enjoy the challenge of fighting for glory on our table games and slots, and the more they play, the more we’ll reward partners like you.

Lionel Bet is not just a casino, it’s got sports betting as well.

We’re thrilled to announce that Lionel Bet is not just a casino, it’s got sports betting as well. Players you send our way will convert well because of this added vertical and are likely to stick around longer,too.


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Casino Midnight

"We immediately fell in love with the concept behind All cashback Casino. Very simple yet very powerful. Exactly what we need to convert easily."

The Best Casinos

"The team behind Baliaffiliates has been supportive from day one and we couldn`t be happier with our partnership. The brands are solid and the results have been amazing for us. We recommend that anyone with casino traffic start promoting these brands today! We will continue working with them for a long time!"


"We are happy to welcome Allcashback Casino on  https://www.spinsvilla.com/. A great affiliate program that has an efficient and supportive team behind.Spinsvilla recommends them. Looking forward to a fruitful business relationship".

Analyze Casino

"Working with them brings us great pleasure. We love how fast things are moving with these guys. Love their program, love their brands".

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GoldenAxe and AllCashBack Casino are one of the best latest brands for international and European markets. Our team, including, our most experienced expert - William Terry, highly recommends joining it and start earning money with the guys behind BaliAffiliates.

Exciting commission deals

Bali Affiliates offers a variety of commission structures, so it’s easy for you to select one that best suits your needs and maximizes your earnings with us.

It’s in our best interests for you to succeed: we can only grow and prosper if our partners are rewarded well and send us more traffic.

Please review our commission deals below, and do get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Revenue share model

The more players you send our way, the higher percentage of the casino’s income you’ll receive.

Our best long-term solution since it guarantees an affiliate income for the active lifetime of a player. This option is available to all our partners and requires no activation. And you’re assured negative balances are not carried over to the next accounting period.

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

If you prefer to maximise your income instantly, this is the choice for you. You’ll receive a fixed, one-time payment every time a player registers and deposits, according to the rules of a given plan.

The price levels for First Time Depositors vary and we’ll discuss every case individually with you.

Loved by many, but no crying is allowed once we hit big deposits since on this model you don’t get any part of the action other than the amount agreed on setup.

Hybrid deals

For some partners, the hybrid commission model is ideal. It brings the best of both worlds of receiving an upfront payment without giving up profits over the long term.

The hybrid option is often preferred by partners working on SEO or newsletter campaigns with high-quality databases, and media campaigns that require a steady revenue stream.

If you’re interested in a hybrid deal, talk with your affiliate manager to negotiate the best deal after joining our network.

Sub-affiliate commission

If you invite sub-affiliated webmasters, you’ll earn commission on their referrals, too. So, that’s an income from the traffic you send us directly, and a second revenue stream from your sub-affiliates!

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.


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Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

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